3D scanning in the air, digital surveying, and mapping.

  • Providing solutions for UAV: 3D scanning flight, digital surveying and mapping, and a complete topographic survey services.
  • With high accuracy, serving cadastral work, design, leveling, planning permission, civil construction, heritage protection, etc.
  • Standardized platform software, easy online measurement operation.



2D simulation image of the scanning region in detail
- 2D products are high-resolution images that show the current status of the survey area.
- The online integrated length and area measurement tool assists in calculating the size of features and measuring the parameters on the map precisely.
- It is a useful tool for land-use planning, compensation, and inspection.
- Integrate Google, Apple, Bing, and other base map layers to establish the actual location of the area on a global map.


A detailed 3D simulation image of the scanning area
-The 3D product accurately records every angle, topographical features, and topography of the survey area, showing in detail the topographical shape of the area and the features located in that area, including houses, trees, power lines, structures, etc.
-3D materials for site assessment, design ideas, and remote survey of areas with complex terrain.
-Customers can easily access and measure all parameters anywhere via computer or smartphone.
-Integrating 3D products with background maps of all digital map companies in the world, such as Google, Apple, Bing, etc., to help determine the position of the project on the international map.


Create maps at scales of 1/500, 1/2000, 1/5000
-Edit topographic maps at 1/500, 1/2000, and 1/5000
-Establishing current status maps for planning, topographical maps, and maps for research and farming.
-Digitizing the map and displaying online sales on 2D and 3D platforms to serve the visual assessment of the current status of the survey area.
-Editing detailed topographic maps for appraisal and licensing at state agencies.


VR 360
- Processing Panorama images, VR360 videos help to present a visual perspective and allow customers to actively interact.
- VR360 points are positioned according to the 2D map to help interact and visually monitor the survey areas.
- Draw a 3D perspective of the project on VR360 to show the beauty and stature of the project after completion.
- Create virtual tours for work, factories, and model houses.


Online surveying and mapping
- After the scanning process, the data is collected and transferred to the analysis system.
- Calculation and measurement of distance, surface area, terrain volume, and visualization of backfill, site clearance, and topographic survey
- Measure, compare previous surveys that have been stored in the online data storage.
- Corrected terrain to remove inaccuracies and obstacles that cause "bad data"


Tools for analysis, evaluation, and reporting
- Automatically store, update, and analyze raw data of field measurements
- Compare survey results with actual progress; evaluate labour productivity of human resources
- Track progress by comparing single points, sections, and volumes.
- During the comparison, if an abnormality is detected, it is necessary to conduct a detailed geodetic survey and change the construction plan accordingly.

Which solution are you interested in?

accompanies each stage of construction work.

Project setting
  • Surveying topography, determining project investment location
  • Establishing 2D, 3D maps, scale maps, development planning maps
  • Establishing an online topographic survey for construction engineers to initially form the project
  • Provide data for the authorities in the process of appraisal and approval
  • Objectivizing procedures for land compensation, ground estimation, and transportation system estimation
Construction investment
  • Detailed simulation images of each object for site clearance work
  • Conduct measurement and analysis quickly and accurately right on the online platform
  • The 3D model describes the specific geographical features of the project
  • Monitor construction progress, compare and report the actual status of the project
  • Share data for partners, customers, simple data extraction
Project Operation
  • Huge data storage about the process of project formation, construction and construction, support for communication, sales
  • The investor determines the actual project progress and compares it with the proposed plan
  • Resources for the entire project are professionally arranged, easily searchable, and have unlimited storage
  • Features granting access rights, increasing the prestige of the project, investor, or contractor

Advantages of the solution package

More accurate
  • Collect a lot of survey data with high accuracy: using drones can collect thousands of measurements expressed in many different formats. Built-in GPS RTK devices ensure geospatial accuracy of up to 3 cm
  • Mapping inaccessible areas: Each aerial mapping drone can take off and fly almost anywhere, unrestricted by hard-to-reach, steep areas. Unsafe standing or rough terrain
  • Drones deliver incredible performance, speeding up implementation five times faster than ground-based methods and requiring less manpower by automatically collecting and analyzing data
  • Automate data processing and storage: Just drag and drop survey data into the multi-platform management system. The system automatically creates 2D and 3D maps, VR360 images, etc
  • Access survey data, track status and progress anytime, anywhere with cross-platform management software
Cheaper cost
  • Saving human resources and time, reducing the cost of conducting surveys and topographic surveys by 50%
  • An aircraft scanning and measuring system are used, ensuring 4K and 6K image elements are modern and durable. DJI Matrice 600Pro, DJI Phantom 4 Pro RTK, and DJI Matrice 300 RTK are all examples of RTK drones. Equipment for recording and capturing VR360: DJI Mavic Pro 2, Sony A7R4, Insta 360 Pro 2
More modern integration
  • Data is automatically stored and updated to allow correlation comparison between surveys and project measurements
  • Smart technology connects variety product types to give customers diverse visual perspectives, not just monotonous technical drawings
  • Decentralized access by category, absolute security, and unlimited collaboration without additional fees.

Cases where solutions should be selected when DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION


why choose us


Comprehensive solution package, diversified services. Optimization of three factors Time-Accuracy-Cost


Absolute security and decentralized access to information


Periodical visual images of each scan to help evaluate construction efficiency and check for errors


The largest and only online map data storage and display system ever deployed in Vietnam.


Highly experienced, professional, and enthusiastic human resources team. The most advanced and high-quality scanning aircraft systems were available.


Easy to perform a reading, drawing, and calculation operations. Assist non-professional customers in quickly mastering

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